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Happy Sattva

We must love the Self. Slowing the reckless emissions of the ego we must turn towards the heart and ask, “How are you? What do you need?” And with devotion we must listen, accept, and revere the things the heart will tell us. The ego then will harness all of its strategic power to provide for the heart all that it needs. Nothing more, nothing less. It is in this cherishing love for the heart that we will find our lives unfurl with the sense of alignment, contentment, and happiness. From this aligned place all else is created in love. Welcome to the journey and the practice of loving your Self.


An ever growing collection of insights aiming to inspire you on your journey of loving your self.

Guided Meditations

Join more meaningfully with your self through audible meditations guided by Happy.

Ritual Elements

Tools to partner with you in loving support as you develop your own personal practice.


Thank you for joining me during your journey of loving your self.

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