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Happy Sattva

Happy is a psychic guide to core truths, an intuitive facilitator of healing, and creator of perceptive balance. She’s also a teacher of a philosophy shared with her from the higher self, termed Null Vectoring. This is a non-dimensional truth that exists outside of time and space, and, is the basis of both. Through the recognition of the Null Vector we see that all states of experience are relative and with a particular focus can align to fully suit the heart’s core desires. The state of meeting our heart’s core desires is a state of balance, harmony, and happiness. Being that this experience is found outside of the limits of space and time there can be no limit to it, and it is always immediately accessible to us. This journey to the experience of limitless happiness is what Happy Sattva wishes to share with you. Welcome, to your journey to the center of your self and to your happiness.

Devotion Is All That Is Required

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On the journey of loving your self, devotion is all that is required. That is, your own devotion of your ego towards listening to and providing for the desires of your own heart. You may be drawn to items that aim to help support that devotion, but accessing items without first consulting your heart can never bring you to happiness. One must first ask the heart what it needs, then do that thing. What the heart asks for may indeed be to acquire an item or begin a practice or ritual, or engage some other material thing. But it is in being devoted to the guidance the heart provides that we find happiness. We must first turn inwards and devote our ego’s abilities to our own heart’s wishes, as a knight devotes his sword to his king or queen. The ego must serve the heart. This kind of devotion is all that is required.

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