Observation Guidebook – Coming Soon

Printed Copies Available Soon

This is a tool used to set aside logic for a moment and lean into feelings. Observe them and allow them out onto a page. This is the process of creation. Thought left in the mind does not a thing exist. But brought out of the mind and into the material world it now does exist. It can now be observed and expounded on, grow or die. It is in the material world now where the laws of physics rule. Bringing it out of the mind and into this world sets into motion the universal law of manifestation where material world draws together the elements to manifest that thought-created thing. But the elements do not follow commands. An observer cannot create a desired thing only because they have written it. Conversely, if a thing is in harmony with the elements then the elements will bring in support for a positive, nurturing, growing creation. Likewise, if the thing is in disharmony then the elements will support and the thing will result in a compounding decay and harm. The observer must take heed to be in harmony with the elements, acting as the fifth elemental force, to create the goal of all —> happiness.


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